Why Shea Butter is BEST for Cracked Heels?

by Aroma Dead Sea on August 05, 2020

Nobody loves to have a dry, flaky skin or deep cracks on their feet. This situation not only annoys us but that feeling of constant itchiness and pain makes people sad. The desiccated skin around the heels leads to foot infections, pain and walking discomfort.

The situation of cracked heels lowers the confidence and self-esteem. It is necessary to reform a perfect foot care routine and use a most beneficial and natural ingredient that will take good care of your heels.

One fantastic natural ingredient that possess all the excellent moisturizing and healing properties is Shea Butter. It is considered as the super food for skin which is obtained from the nut of an African tree Vitellaria paradoxa. The creamy consistency of shea is easy to spread and has high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins that make shea butter an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening and healing the skin. Shea is blessed with anti-inflammatory, healing, emollient and anti-aging properties. Using shea butter on heels will condition, tone and soothes the cracked skin and heels.

Still in doubt? Why only Shea Butter?

Let’s discuss!

  1. Rich in antioxidants

As mentioned above, shea butter is rich in essential fatty acids, along with vitamin A and E, that primarily helps in maintain skin’s elasticity and suppleness. It is incorporated with additional benefit that helps the skin by protecting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  1. Seals in smoothness

The natural collagen production gets a boost from shea butter. As it is comprised with oleic, steoric, linolenic and palmitic acids that nourishes skin and prevents drying. With long term and continuous use of shea will make skin soft and soothing.

  1. Healing benefits

Scrapes, cuts, burns and rashes can be treated well with shea butter. It heals the cracks of your feet and makes them healthy. It is also beneficial to relieve flakiness of the skin, eczema, dermatitis and athlete’s foot.

  1. Excellent Emollient

The fats in shea butter makes it an excellent emollient and skin moisturizing agent. It locks in the moisture and gives relief to dry skin. The essential oils in shea butter get absorbed quickly into the foot skin thereby creating a smooth and soft barrier.

  1. Works as anti-infective

Shea butter possess anti-microbial properties, it restrains various bacteria. Thus. Keeping your feet free from infections and further complications.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties
Shea butter reduces the redness of dry, cracked feet. It also calms itchiness, relieves discomfort which makes it gently useful for foot skin.
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