Habits that ruins your way to healthy looking skin

by Aroma Dead Sea on July 28, 2020

Healthy habits not only leads to healthy life but also adds on a healthy charm to your skin. Your skin is also not sans of the fact that it is only your habits that portrays skin health. Your fallacious habits leads to dull and aged skin, whereas, scrupulous habits make your skin younger looking and radiant. Which is why it becomes necessary to keep a tab on your habits.

Habits that needs to be chuck:


  1. Avoiding skincare regime before bed time

Do you sleep without pampering your skin? Before bed skin care routine plays an important role. It is necessary to nurture the skin and feed it with what it actually needs. Skin demands for proper hydration. And the rate at which sebum production can be acknowledged depend upon the humidity.

Under low humidity, people with low sebum rate show reduced skin hydration, thereby increased sebum production to counter skin dryness. Whereas, people with high sebum rate show decreased hydration and increase sebum content, regardless of humidity levels.

Therefore it is important to take care of your skin at night and follow a bed time skincare regime for healthy skin. Moisturization at night helps to maintain adequate levels of nourishment required by the skin.

  1. Physical inactivity

Most of us living a desk-bound lifestyle which has become another factor that is taking us away from the way to achieve healthy skin. Involving physical workout is not only required for fit body but also for healthy skin. Exercises and walking let you blood flow to regulate which in turn makes your skin vibrant and radiant.

Another benefit of physical workout is that it really helps to detoxify the body as sweat produce during the whole session has great importance in toxic element detoxification.

  1. Avoid heavy makeup

Day to day heavy make-up is a big NO. Heavy make-up leads to pore clogging which is not good for your skin. Dead skin cells is the often used term for clogged pores that gets accumulated in your skin and results in blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Therefore reduce your habit of applying make-up daily and if you have to do so then it is necessary to remove make-up at the day end with the good make-up remover. It is one of an essential step to give your skin a peace of breath and time to rejuvenate at night.

  1. Cleaning face with tap water

Washing face with tap water is not acceptable as it contains chlorine which may cause skin irritation and strips off the essential skin moisture. Hard water does not fulfill the cleansing action as it is unable to wash away the soap from the skin.

  1. Excess consumption of fried and sugary food

Consuming bountiful of junk food items harms your skin health. If your eating habits are healthy which incorporates protein, fibre, unsaturated fats and vitamins, your skin will hardly face any problem like acne, dullness, dryness or excess sebum production. But keeping yourself indulge in carbonated drinks, soft drinks, sodas, junk and fast food will hamper your skin. It leads to bring free radicals in the body and skin.

Therefore always incorporated healthy food and skincare products that are natural and especially includes vitamin C due to its astonishing benefits of the free radical scavenger, de-pigmentation, anti-inflammatory and collagen enhancement properties.

  1. Insufficient water intake

The habit of low water intake affects your skin health deeply. Generally, the skin contains approximately 30% water, which contributes to its elasticity, resiliency and plumpness. Adequate water intake effectively aids in improving skin hydration, skin thickness and redeems trans epidermal water loss. Overall, this will helps to improve the glowing complexion of the skin.