Dynamo and Coruscating Argan Oil

by Aroma Dead Sea on May 17, 2020

Whenever we want to opt something for our skin or hair, the first thought that comes in mind is “It shouldn’t harm us”. Then ultimately, we switch blindfold to the natural ingredients. As these nature’s wonder doesn’t have any side-effects and give us mental satisfaction as well. One such ingredient is Moroccan Argan Oil.The primary behind that is not only the subtle, nutty flavor but also its potential health benefits. 

The scope of its usage is not limited, it is now being used in cosmetics as well. The good thing about argan oil is that it can be used on almost all skin types and hair textures. The argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree. 
Argan oil is enriched with beneficial ingredients including fatty acids and Vitamin E. The properties of argan oil are such that it is useful for hair and skin, and thus, a popular cosmetic choice amongst the celebrities.

How it is beneficial for hair?

  • Avoid heat damage - Now-a-days most of the hairstylists use argan oil as a protective shield to protect hair from getting harmed and excessively damaged by heat. Curling, blowing and straightening are the most common factor of weakening of hair and thereby resulting in damage and then ultimately leads to hair fall. The fatty acids in argan oil protect the hair.
  • Great hair conditioner - Argan oil is enriched with moisturizing properties that conditions the hair very well. You can also use it as hair conditioner after washing your hair. Using it as a conditioner gives some wonderful benefits like tames frizziness, promotes shine & gloss as well as manageable hair. Most of the conditioners are greasy but argan oil is just opposite. It makes hair styling easier.
  • For shiny and luster hair - Want to make different hair styles but constraint due to dry hair? Adding few drops of argan oil will add shine to hair. For the best results, use it when hair is semi-wet. Argan oil enriches hair with nutrients and repairs the damage.
  • Soothes itchy scalp - Dryness and itchiness on scalp can be effectively treated by argan oil. To nourish the scalp, massage the oil on scalp at night and leave it till the next morning. It is believed that argan oil also stimulates blood circulation and treats hair problems like dandruff and clogged pores.
  • Promotes hair growth- Argan oil has vitamin E which is extremely beneficial for hair. Vitamin E promotes healthy and strong hair growth as it filled with anti-oxidants, which boosts the cells and thereby produce healthy hair. It also helps in treating hair affected by chemical treatments and dyes.

How it is beneficial for skin?

  • Conditions dry skin - Vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil together avoids further dryness and irritation on skin. Applying few drops of it can helps to get rid of dry skin problems permanently.
  • Fights against wrinkles - Argan oil not only nourishes the skin but also increases the skin’s elasticity so that skin regain its shape back. It also treats the thinning of skin with age and thereby avoiding formation of wrinkles.
  • Heals skin - Damaged or cracked skin pains and irritates us like anything. Using artificial product just gives temporary results but argan oil flares the problem. It speeds up the healing process while with no side-effects.
  • Cleanses skin - Argan oil is known for its wonder skin benefits. One of them is unclogging skin pores, thereby reducing acne. Oily skin usually suffers from acne, but argan oil is beneficial for them as well.
  • Brightens skin - Having disrupted or uneven skin tone? Or suffering from black or brown spots on skin? Argan oil waves off all these small matters and boost up your loosen confidence. Hormonal reaction, exposure to sun or harsh climatic conditions causes skin to suffer from uneven skin tone. In such cases, argan oil brightens up your skin tone due to composition of vitamin E in argan oil.
  • Protects from harmful UV rays - Argan oil has anti-oxidants that act as a protective layer on skin and makes barrier between sun and the skin which helps to fight against free radicals. This helps in preventing sun burns and hyper-pigmentation that occurs due to daily exposure of skin to the sun light.