Aloe Vera - Minimizes Inflammation and Infection of Eye Area and Inner Ear

by Aroma Dead Sea on August 11, 2020

Did you know that aloe vera can be used for eyes and ears as well? The aloe plant is known for its soothing qualities. That is why it is suitable to be used in pain and itchiness which is especially irritating and difficult to treat when it seems to occur near eye area and ears.

The young children who are mostly engaged in some physical activities like swimming have more frequent earaches. Abnormalities in the ear lead to frequent irritation. Drops of aloe vera gel or juice restores the pH balance, calms and soothes the inflammation or swelling in the inner area of the ear tissue. Similarly it works for eye area as well.

Aloe vera is safe for any age, which makes it a best home remedy. The aloe gel inculcates healing properties that work to flatten the swelled tissue. Whenever someone feels itchiness near the eye area or in the ear whether it is mildly inflamed or annoyingly unbearable, use a little aloe vera which makes things work in order.

Application is even easier than the preparation.

For ears:

Use medicine dropper to collect some of the stored gel.

Tip the head to the side and drop 3-5 drops in the ear.

To keep the medicine in the ear, consider keeping a cotton ball on the ear for several minutes following application.

For eyes:

Apply some of the gel to a tissue and wipe the aloe vera on the eye area. The burning should stop almost immediately.