5 Step Skin Care Routine for a healthy glow

by Aroma Dead Sea on May 25, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if your skin takes care of itself? No need to worry about wrinkles or any other skin issues! Just turn up looking flawless all the time! Well, sadly, there isn’t anyone in the world who has that luxury. Each skin type has unique requirements, and you need to build a daily skincare routine based on your skin type.


The best skincare regime is still a mystery to many. People experiment a lot with different kinds of products to find out what suits them, in the process they end up irritating and damaging their skin even more. Well the best skin care advice that you’ll ever get is to stick to the natural ingredients and stay hydrated at all times. But if you are looking for a skincare routine that promotes a healthy glow then follow these steps:


  1. Cleansing – Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look. Without washing, your skin would be covered with a thick layer of dirt and grime which make it difficult for other products to penetrate the skin properly. Use a mild face wash or a cleanser to remove dirt and grime from your face and free those pretty pores. Gently massage your face with your fingertips focusing on your T-zone and wash with cold water for that extra dash of glow. Use foaming cleansing gel for all skin types by aroma dead sea minerals.


  1. Exfoliating- Exfoliation is a necessary step that your skin screams to get. It gets rid of dead skin and reveals new skin cells for a healthy glow. When you're exfoliating your skin, you're effectively unclogging your pores. Sweeping away that dead and dry skin, along with all the other surface debris that might remain on your skin after cleansing, stops it from making its way into your pores and causing stubborn stoppages in the form of whiteheads and blackheads Use a gentle exfoliating scrub to get rid of all the impurities including stubborn black heads. Try using exfoliating cleansing gel with vitamin C by aroma dead sea minerals.



  1. Toning- This step helps to tighten and lighten open pores on the skin while soothing it. A good skin toner will also replenish your skin with important antioxidants and hydration that may have been removed during cleansing. In fact, skin toner is designed to be a humectant, so it will actually help bind moisture to your skin – and more moisturized skin is younger looking and feeling skin. Take a make-up remover pad and dab it with your skin toner generously, now swipe that pad on your face to give a boost of hydration and freshness.


  1. Serum - Face serums are notoriously highly concentrated and lightweight formulas, which means they absorb into your skin quickly and won’t leave a sticky residue on your face. This is perfect for those that prefer the weightless feel when it comes to skin care or people with oily skin. Using an effective face serum can promote cellular regeneration and repair, so your skin will look radiant even if you’re low on shut-eye. One of the most striking benefits of face serums is their ability to help lock moisture into the skin. Formulas with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid can improve the moisture content of the skin whilst strengthening the skin barrier for a hydrated and healthy-looking complexion. Take few drops of face serum on your palm and rub it gently on your face in circular motion until its completely absorbed by your skin. Use Vitamin C anti-wrinkle active serum by aroma dead sea minerals.



  1. Moisturize - The primary function of moisturizer is to help the skin retain moisture and reduce epidermal water loss. It’s second main function is to reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier, which helps protect against irritation and environmental damage. Some moisturizers, also have ingredients to help nourish the skin with antioxidants, minor sunscreen protection, and other anti-aging benefits. Moisturizing your skin is important to help prevent further breakouts. When your skin is dry and irritated, it actually causes breakouts and acne. By moisturizing your skin, you can reduce your chances of any skin problems arising. Facial moisturizers help balance your skin's complexion and prevents acne breakouts. Using the first two fingers of your dominant hand, apply dabs of moisturizer onto your face in the key dry areas such as your: forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and neck. Don't forget to include your neck in both your washing and moisturizing routine. Using the first two fingers of each hand, spread the moisturizer upwards and outwards from each dab on your face. Use a swirling motion to blend the moisturizer into your skin. It's usually easiest to start at your neck, and work your way up your face to your forehead. Try Essential Moisturizing cream for normal to oily skin with vitamin C for long lasting nourishment.



Bonus – If you are going out then don’t forget to protect your skin from sun damage.

 The sun is the biggest damaging factor when it comes to your skin. Hence, always use sunscreen or an SPF moisturizer with a minimum sun protection factor of 30.

Keeping your skin healthy may sometimes seem like an impossible task, but the trick is to find out what works best for it. Mature skin needs overall protection. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that guards your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. Pick one with high SPF and PA+ rating and that is water-resistant. Customizing your routine to cater to your skin’s needs is one of the most productive steps you could take to optimize your skincare routine.






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