Tanning Oil Protective SPF 8 Coconut


The protective tanning oil spf 8 carrot is best to nourish the skin. It is a key to achieving a sun kissed glow. Our broad-spectrum tanning oil is perfect and gives protection. It is enriched with mineral oil, coconut oil, hazel seed oil, carrot seed oil, and grape seed oil.
The richly hydrating formula instantly melts into skin, sealing in much-needed moisture for long-lasting, all-day hydration. Apply on skin and then bask in those sunny rays to achieve that golden glow. Efficient for quick tanning of uniform color, provides your skin with the perfect tan-shade, a sensual look, glow, and maximal moisture; contains anti-sun SPF to protect you from the damages of the sun.

✔️ Helps skin stay flexible and pliable
✔️ Create a protective layer
✔️ Keep Your Skin Moist | Easy Tan

How to Use : Apply well on all exposed body skin. Do not use on infant under the age of 6 months, Avoid long exposure to the sun even when using protective Cosmetic preparation.



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