Multi-Use Moisturizer and Body Cream Apple 100 ml

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Give your skin a healthy hydration with our multi-use moisturizer and apple body cream. The essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants aid in shielding the skin from visible signs of aging. It helps to fight skin damage due to pollutants and free radicals. The body cream is vitaminize with glycerin, stearic acid, extracts of honey, dead sea minerals, olive oil, passiflora edulis seed oil, fruit extracts, coconut oil, rose flower oil and apple.

Apples are rich in vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C and minerals. The apple body cream and moisturizer help not only in skin brightening but also lightens the skin color as they it provides a little protection against tanning. Apple has collagen that are vital for maintain skin’s elasticity thereby keeping skin youthful. It also restores the skin natural pH balance. It is a non-greasy moisturizer that enhances the skin texture and gives a velvety matte feel. This body cream is perfect for acne prone skin as it just not helps to get rid of existing acne and pimples but also reduces their re-occurrence.

✔️Hydrates skin
✔️Moisturizes skin
✔️Fights signs of ageing
✔️Maintains skin’s pH level
✔️Works for acne prone skin
✔️Brightens skin
✔️Maintains skin’s elasticity

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