Holly water from the Jordan River 250 ml

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For Your Holiness!

Holy Water from the Jordan River belongs to the holy land. It is scented lightly with biblical essences of flowers from the Holy Land. This unique keepsake of bottle of genuine holy water from Jordan River is imported from Israel. It comes in a decorative bottle.

The Holy Water is very lightly scented with a gentle scent of Holy Land Flowers to eliminate staleness and to keep it fresh. Carefully prepared in the Holy Land with the utmost care and reverence. Water from the Jordan River is a cure for mind, body and soul. It can be used to bless your home and derive many great spiritual and, temporal benefits. If you seek spiritual, emotional or physical healing, Holy Water from the Jordan River is your answer.

✔️Bless your soul mind and body
✔️Bless your house
✔️Bless your family

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