Multi-Use Moisturizer and Body Cream Berries 100 ml

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 We all love berries. But do we know what berries does for our skin? Multi-use moisturizer and body cream of berries is love that you have never experienced before. It gives a velvety matte finish to your body. The lighter and fluffier consistency makes the body super hydrated. Berries are embraced with polyphenols that go beyond anti-oxidant properties but also has the ability to protect skin from signs of ageing. It also protects skin from the environmental damage and revives the skin.

Berries body cream is polished with mineral oil, glycerin, honey extracts, dead sea minerals, olive oil, passiflora edulis seed oil, fruit extracts, coconut oil, rose flower oil, lavender oil and lovely berries. They all together has extraordinary nourishing and regenerative properties. It is loaded with antioxidants that protects the skin from the sun and fights against free radicals. It regulates the oil level in the skin. The non-greasy formula leaves the skin well nourished, refreshed and brighter.

✔️Healthy skin
✔️Nourishes skin
✔️Moisturizes skin
✔️Rich in anti-oxidants
✔️Regenerative properties
✔️Fights from free radicals

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