Swab over Blisters for Quick Relief with Aloe Vera

par Aroma Dead Sea sur August 12, 2020

For the colorful cuteness and strappy touch, summer footwear having one major demerit - Blisters on heels or feet. When temperatures get heated up, your feet sweat and swell, thus causing friction against your shoes including comfy ones. Those fluid-filled blisters and painful on heels or feet can follow. Now, what is the best way to avoid getting blisters on feet? Foremost, make sure your shows fit-in properly. Also, popping a blister can create an infection, and, chances are there that blisters come back the next day.

To get rid or treat blisters, here:

  • Protection from tearing; better to cover blisters on heels or feet with a loser bandage.
  • Make sure the bister is clean.
  • Keep the area covered and clean. Wash the area with soap & water; apply petroleum jelly to soften it.
  • Avoid draining or popping blisters on heels or feet, as this might end-up leading to infection.

Also, to avoid feet blisters, it’s important to wear shoes that are durable & comfortable enough to provide support. Inappropriate shows increase the risk of blisters on heels and feet. How about trying your hands on home remedies for blisters on feet?


Let’s Swab Blisters with Aloe Vera:


Due to its anti-inflammatory natural properties, aloe vera helps relieve swelling and redness. Also, it is very hydrating, thus, keeping skin heal faster, especially once the blister pops-on its own & shrivel-up.

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