Stop Hair Breakage | Aloevera is at Rescue

par Aroma Dead Sea sur July 31, 2020

The wonder ingredient- Aloe Vera is not only popular for various skin types and problems, but also for hair as well. As it is supplemented with moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, photo protective and anti-fungal properties. It prevents hair breakage and restores the pH balance of your hair and scalp. It strengthens the hair, restores the hair vitality and also makes your scalp healthy.

The proteolytic enzymes in aloevera repairs the dead skin cells on the scalp and makes hair smooth and shiny. The combination of enzymes and fatty acids in the plant relieves itchiness and dandruff which serves as the major reason for hair breakage.

The blood circulation also increases after the application of aloe vera. The increased blood flow helps the hair and scalp by preventing hair breakage, promoting hair growth and slowing down hair loss.

The aloevera gel has the similar chemical composition as that of keratin (protein of the hair). The chemical structure not only rejuvenates hair, but also add on elasticity, thereby preventing hair breakage and weakening.

Aloe vera is complemented with vitamins as A, C, and E, of all of which promote healthy cell growth and shiny hair. There’s also Vitamin B-12 and folic acid in Aloe vera which can keep your hair from falling out.

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