Soothe Psoriasis with Aloe Vera

par Aroma Dead Sea sur August 14, 2020

Aloe Vera gel comes from inside the leaves of the famous ‘aloe vera plant’. The belief states that it has soothing properties when applied to sunburned, irritated or onto damaged skin. Also, it may have some antibacterial properties. This is the reason, it turns out to be a remedy for the treatment of psoriasis.

For some, aloe vera might help in reducing the symptoms of a psoriasis flare-up. Using it as a lubricating agent onto you skin will limit the number of flare-ups, thus, keeping skin hydrated. However, there is no such certified statement that it fully helps in giving the treatment for the same. But, the risks are low enough when aloe vera is applied.

Now, you can use aloe vera on psoriasis, all you need to do is apply a cream with aloe vera to the affected area. Do this several times everyday for a few weeks. You’ll get to know the difference. There are times wherein aloe vera takes too long & can cause discomfort or redness. Take a break in-between. Make sure, to consult a doctor if nothing works. There are some who are allergic to aloe vera. Therefore, before applying on the affected area, do a patch test on a discreet area of the skin & wait if you have any reaction. Surety must be taken!

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