Incredible benefits of oblipicha or seaberry

par Aroma Dead Sea sur May 23, 2020

Replenish your skin with the nature’s blessing- oblipicha. One of the best ways is to achieve those dreamy, healthy and supple skin goals. It is loaded with multi-vitamins and skin nutrients that nurture’s the skin.

It is thorny shrub that is commonly found in Atlantic coast of Europe and throughout in Asia. This plant has leaves, fruits and seeds which all are used and highly beneficial for old age medicinal formulas and remedial applications. The oil is derived from the fruit and seed and both of them offer variety of skin benefits and now-a-days increasingly used in skincare products.

Not only in skincare products but also juice of this berry can be consumed that helps to heal the body from inside out. It is one of the natural ways to fight against inflammation. As it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the internal inflammation. It is also a powerhouse of anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and nutrients that fight against the free radicals.

We know that oranges have the sufficient amount of vitamin C but do you know that seaberry has 12 times more vitamin C than oranges? It also has vitamin E and vitamin A. Also enriched with the goodness of omega 3,6,9 and 7.

This superfruit is embraced with multiple uses from skincare to haircare as it contains 60 anti-oxidants, 20 minerals and long list of vitamins.

Amazing benefits of oblipicha

  1. Hydrates the skin

Oblipicha or seaberry is a multi-core source of fatty acids that works on moisturizing and nourishing the skin deeply. The amino acids help in regeneration of skin cells thereby making healthier and younger skin. These fatty and amino acids form a protective shield that helps in retaining the moisture within and making skin radiant, soft and supple. When skin is perfectly nourished and hydrated, it reduces the chances of premature ageing. It also protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

  1. Treats acne

The light texture of seaberry just seeps into the skin without making it greasy. It doesn’t clog the pores. The anti-bacterial properties of this nutrient rich fruit help in treating the acne. The vitamins in the seaberry keeps the pimples at bay and when used regularly, skin will be free from acne.

  1. Fights signs of aging

The high-rise tranquil of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B9, C, D, E, K and P) repair the skin and maintains the health and radiance of the skin. These vitamins also work on reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And the antioxidants present in the fruit fights with free radicals that continuously damage the skin cells. The free radicals get equipoised, the skin gets regenerated. Collagen production is boosted with the help of anti-oxidants which leads to healthy and younger looking skin. 

  1. Restore moisture in hair

Vitamins in the seaberry not only works for the skin but for dry, damaged and dull hair  as well. The fatty acids restore the lost moisture in your hair locks and nurture them from within. It not only makes the hair follicles healthier and stronger but also promotes hair growth.

  1. Moisturizes scalp

Fatty acids work towards your scalp and makes it moisturized. It treats the irritated scalp as well. When applied on scalp, it also cleanses the flakiness on scalp . Amino acids look forward to work on the scalp and lock in the moisture and keeps it hydrates and tries to avoid the flakiness for future as well.

  1. Hydrates nails

Seaberry is at rescue. Say bye to all those fragile and brittle nails. The superfruit has all those vitamins, proteins and fatty acids that nails need. They keep nails hydrated, maintains their health and keep them bright and lustrous. It also fights the fungal infection that is the common reason for cracked nails.

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