How Can You Relieve Hemorrhoids with Aloe Vera?

par Aroma Dead Sea sur August 11, 2020

Hemorrhoids are a painful situation where veins get swollen in anus and rectum. Aloevera is considered to be one of the natural treatment for hemorrhoid or piles as it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce irritation. It is said to be safe for topical use.

People suffering from hemorrhoids usually look forward for natural treatments so that they can safely self-administer in the comfort of their home.

The science behind the connection of aloe vera with hemorrhoids:

  • Pure aloe vera gel consists 1% glycoproteins and polysaccharides and 99% water. Glycoproteins helps in the reduction of inflammation and pain while polysaccharides assist with skin repair.
  • Both glycoproteins and polysaccharides also strengthen the immune system, boosting the capacity of the body to fend off the infections around the anus and rectum.
  • Aloe latex found in Aloe Vera leaves contains anthraquinone glycosides. These glycosides possess potent laxative properties. It helps in softening stool and aids in achieving good bowel movement.
  • Using Aloe Vera can mitigate the effects of hemorrhoids while permanent treatment is sought-out.

How to use?

  • Purchase a bottle of Aloe Vera gel or you can purchase a stem of the actual aloe vera plant.
  • If you purchase the stem of the plant you can easily snap it to extract the gel and put it into a clean container.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly in order to prevent infecting the affected areas further.
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