How Aloe Vera Maintain or Improve Oral Health?

par Aroma Dead Sea sur August 11, 2020

If your gums are red and inflamed, aloe vera is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. It relieves gum disease and other oral issues. When you cut an aloe vera leaf, a yellow liquid seeps from the leaf which contains chemical compounds that can ease pain.

The aloe vera plant has six antiseptic agents that restrict the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Due to the composition of antioxidant properties, aloe fight against the free radicals that becomes the reason of cell damage. Aloe vera also helps in gingivitis, gum infections or periodontitis and other irritation in the mouth.

Aloe vera has gained fame in skin care and hair care product but using it as an active ingredient in tooth gel has also gained popularity. It is used to cleanse and soothe teeth and gums. It works effectively against cavities. Using aloe vera gel on a daily basis will remove pathogenic oral microflora disease causing bacteria in the mouth.

How to use aloe vera for oral care?

Adding aloe vera to your oral hygiene routine is an easy process.

Aloe vera is an ingredient in some oral products like toothpastes and mouthwashes. Use these products on a regular basis to prevent or treat gum disease caused by inflammation or bacteria.

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