Go natural for spot free skin with aloevera

par Aroma Dead Sea sur July 31, 2020

Certain compounds in aloevera have skin lightening properties- aloin and aloesin, namely. These compounds together helps in reducing the appearance of pigmentation. They destroy the existing melanin cells and intercepts further emergence of melanin in the skin. Hyperpigmentation caused by harmful UV radiations or sunlight can also be treated by aloesin present in the plant’s leaf.

Aloevera is considered as a non-toxic hyperpigmentation treatment. The natural de-pigmenting compound in its gel brightens up the skin. It even treats the small black spot that appears on the skin due to excessive amount melanin. Applying aloevera gel on a daily basis will not let the melanocytes cells to change the skin color to dark brown or black. This skin discoloration is not only due to sun exposure but also because of hormonal changes, genetic reasons or allergy.

Aloevera also works as a skin cleanser as it reduces not only pigmentation and darkspots, but also skin scars naturally with the help of giberelin that is found in aloe plant. The natural elements in the gel help you to get clean, clear and bright skin.

Whether you are using aloevera gel from the plant or from a store product, rub it on the affected area of the skin, several times in a day.

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