Fight Athlete's Foot with Aloe Vera

par Aroma Dead Sea sur August 12, 2020

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that is found at the bottom of the feet & in-between the toes. Usually, develops due to dampness around the foot. The infection is marked by red, flaking, & blistering skin which is usually burning, painful, itchy, and swollen. Nowadays, we see many products with aloe vera labeled as an ingredient, be it creams, cleaning products, lotions, or soaps. Also, there are over the counter medications that treat athlete’s foot. On the go, aloe vera is a natural remedy that can be used as a treatment.

Foremost, it must be confirmed whether the infection is an athlete’s foot or something else. For confirmation, better to consult with a doctor.

The Mixture

Mix aloe vera gel with tea tee oil and create an ointment. Apply on the affected area twice a day until the infection subsides. Else another method is to mix four ounces of aloe vera gel with a half teaspoon of tea tree oil in a spray bottle & spray on the affected area twice everyday. Allow the feet to dry before putting anything like socks, or footwear. For sensitive skin, aloe vera powder can also be used, it will prevent athlete’s foot at every segment.

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