Add shine in your stressed tresses with Aloe Vera

par Aroma Dead Sea sur August 04, 2020

Aloe vera cleanses the hair follicles deeply and efficiently. It strips off the extra sebum and residues from other care product that you use. But while cleansing your hair from aloe vera, it doesn’t remove the natural oil, which is considered as a high-end benefit. Unlike any other chemical in hair care products, aloe vera and its gel are gentle and kind that preserves the integrity of your hair. The humble plant locks in the moisture and adds on softness and shininess.

For lustrous, shinier and silkier hair, fresh aloe vera gel are perfect, as the medicinal properties deteriorate over time. The best, simplest and cost effective way to get pure aloe vera is to actually get a plant and extract aloe gel yourself. The biggest perk of the plant is that moisturizes the stressed tresses deeply and also the keratin structure of your hair. It also repairs the hair damaged by coloring and over drying and as a result adding on shine after every application.

All hair types can benefit from an aloe vera- scalp and hair treatment. In general, people with curly hair, coarse hair and dry hair tend to get the most benefits of aloe vera gel.

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