Hair Care Solutions for FRIZZY HAIR

por Aroma Dead Sea en July 23, 2020

Whilst monsoon is the awaited season of all, and, yeah! It’s a trying time for your beautiful hair. As soon as the rain hits, the dampness of the weather makes the scalp a bit oily, and, dry out the roots. Therefore, it requires constant nourishment and cares to leave your hair lustrous and thick. Now, this rainy season, whilst your sip some tea and devour some snacks, start a ritual of hair care that stays long enough no matter what the pitter-patter of the weather is all about, for gleaming, healthy hair.

Certain Ways To Treat & Beat Frizzy Hair

 There is no easy time for your hair when the talk of the town is MONSOON Season. With so much humidity, they become unmanageable, and frizzier. No worries! We have got you covered with some of the recommended tips that you can follow easily at home without any fuss.

  • Oil Massaging Your Hair: Traditional head massages are typically done using herb infused hair oils that help in nourishing the hair scalp. In ancient times, women used to oil massage their hair just to keep them luscious, and healthy. Anciently, head massages are best known for enhancing blood circulation which helps the nutrients from the oil that absorb in the scalp & nourish it deeply. Precisely, it promotes hair growth whilst making it smoother and softer. Looking for something same? The Moroccan oil is packed with nutrients, vitamin E, A, C, antioxidants, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids which is essential for hair nourishment and growth. It penetrates deep into hair follicles, strengthens hair, and thus prevents hair loss. It keeps the skin cells alive at scalp while repairing and preventing the growth of split ends. It provides a slip for heat styling. Argan oil is ideal for taming rough, dry and unmanageable hair.
  • Masking the Frizziness: Proper masking your hair will ensure to provide hair with all nutrients. Not only it makes your trees manageable in the monsoon season, but also provides-in the extra hydration, thus, making your hair smooth and shiny. Try the black mud & Argan oil hair mask Revive the dull and damaged hair with the goodness of black mud and argan oil. It strengthens, restores and repairs dry, damaged and weak hair. Keep the hair nourished from the roots to tips and give them a healthy and beautiful shine. Leave the mask onto your strands for quite sometime before washing your hair.
  • Cleansing & Conditioning Your Scalp: Hot and humid weather settles down the dust in the hair making it heavy and brittle. Washing and conditioning your hair twice in a week is key, to keep the scalp fresh and healthy. We recommend our honey and egg yolk and olive oil shampoo that is enriched with minerals from the dead sea. It offers great conditioning properties, calms the itchiness, freedom from irritation, calms the nerves, and removes the flakes. Power loaded minerals counter balances the scalp that has excessive grease. It fights against the damages caused by long exposure to sun, wind, dryness, over-usage of hair styling products, hard water, and stress.
  • Rejuvenating your Hair: After washing and sponging your hair, the last key of glorious hair comes after hair serum like our remarkable moroccan oil (argan oil). The hair serum promises to give deep nourishment to hair shafts and prevents premature greying of hair. It makes hair stronger and healthier. It is a non-greasy serum for frizzy hair which de-tangles them easily. The serum gives smoother, silkier, and glossier finish. It’s an elixir of smoothness of dry and damaged hair!

Summarizing: A combination of above-mentioned therapy will boost your hair and helps them protect from any damage or frizziness. High-time to be convenient with Aroma’s dead sea minerals product(s).