Damaged hair- a sad story of every girl

por Aroma Dead Sea en June 01, 2020

Hair damage is one of the biggest yet common problem nowadays. The stresses become so dull, brittle and lifeless that it becomes an everyday struggle to manage them. Obviously, it is not a good thing but unfortunately it happens because of our daily routine that cause the serious damage to our manes. Heat styling, brushing aggressively, UV rays, pollution, stress, improper washing and other factors are the main causes of hair damage.

If this damage is not addressed at correct time, it leads to hair fall and even baldness. Frizziness and tangled hair also contributes to the factor of thinning and weakening of hair. It may also lead to scaling of the cuticles and cortex damage and hair fracture if not treated in time. It appears itself in the form of split ends, hair breakage, hair thinning, premature aging and hair fall.

Let’s discuss deeply what all factors leads to hair damage:

  1. Stress

Be it emotional, psychological or physical stress, it causes hair damage. Because stress boosts the production of free radicals which results in hair fall or hair damage.

  1. Wet hair

Hair shafts get swell when the get excess amount of water which leads to hair breakage and damage. As too much water weighs down the hair and lead to hair fall.

  1. Heat styling tools

Your lovely hair straighteners and curlers causes excessive hair damage. Although, you might not feel it immediately but gradually the damage grows with the use of these heat tools and makes hair dry and brittle.  

  1. UV rays

The UV rays cause regular weathering of hair. Regular exposure to the rays causes serious hair damage.

  1. Hair coloring, bleaching and chemicals makes the hair follicles weak. As the chemicals enters the hair shafts and change its melanin structure.
  1. Pollution

Daily unusual meets with the traffic and the pollution that it causes has also been marked as a factor of hair damage.

  1. Hairstyles

Excessive hair styling causes hair damage. Tight hair styles pull the hair from the roots and cause it to break.

  1. Dandruff

Pesky white flakes also damage the hair. Dirt and flakes build up at the pores causes hair fall.

Some tips to care for damaged hair:

  1. Regular massage of hair oil on scalp is necessary. It improves blood circulation and helps in hair growth. It also increases thickness of hair, length and density.
  2. Oiling hair nourishes the scalp and hair.
  3. Use hair masks and protein packs but it should be organic instead of hair chemicals. It should be filled with nutrients that repairs the damage and rejuvenates hair.
  4. Dilute shampoo in water so as to minimize the concentration of chemicals in the shampoo.
  5. Don’t comb your hair when they are wet as they are prone to hair breakage at that time.
  6. Wear hat or scarfs while heading out in the sun.
  7. Eat healthy. Your diet reflects your hair condition. Add protein, minerals and essential fats to your diet.