Purifying Face & Neck Black Mud Mask

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100% Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask
The purifying face & neck black mud mask cleanses, purifies and balances skin with a pleasant texture. The mask is augmented with black mud which has active dead sea minerals.
The mask cleanses the skin deeply without harming the pH level of the skin. It constricts the pores, absorbs the excess oil and residues of makeup. It also calms redness, softens the skin texture and improves skin tone. The mud consists of high concentrations of magnesium, ‎potassium, calcium, bromides, and sulfates. These unique combinations of minerals work to ‎clean, purify, and restore skin from the everyday effects of the sun, pollutants in the air, ‎and other damaging effects of the environment.

✔️ Removes Impurities
✔️ Exfoliates & Detoxifies
✔️ Nourishes Skin
✔️ Anti - ageing


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