Yoga Exercises for Glowing Skin

by Aroma Dead Sea on August 14, 2020

Talking about the largest body organ, it has to be SKIN; Not to miss, applications of skin products are vital too only if the talk of the town is about healthy skin; the nutrients of your skincare must be evenly distributed amongst all skin layers, it requires a deeper, yet holistic approach which allow the inner beauty to shine through. It involves eating seasonal and fresh foods, leading a balanced & healthy life, also, exercising. Looking forward to a mindful practice for the same? Well, the simplest answer is following the concept of ‘Facial Yoga’ that treats the skin with love whilst reacquainting yourself with inner-self. Take a deeper look here:

Facial Yoga?

Facial massages & exercises have held us all in great stead since the immemorial era. The overall concept dates back onto the ancient time of Ayurveda - Releasing energy pathways to achieve better health naturally & have a great sense of well being, whilst looking radiant. Precisely, facial yoga does to your face what yoga does to your body. It tones, relaxes & gives a natural boost to your skin. The overall idea is to stretch the 57 neck and face muscles to firm, tone & boost the circulation for a youthful look.

The Types?

  • Kiss and Smile: All you need to do is push the lips out as much as you can (just the way you are about to kiss someone & grin). Try to do this for at least 15 repetitions everyday. This exercise works on your chin and cheeks simultaneously. This will help to improve the download drift to jawline & flushed cheeks.
  • Chanting ‘OM’ with a Smile: Following this will relax the face muscles & calm the mind. In short, this exercise is known to be easiest amongst all the facial yoga poses. All you need to do is close your eyes & silently smile, while visualizing the point between your eyebrows as a balanced locus. Doing this will help offset those lines, thus, giving the glow to the skin from within.
  • Puffing the Cheeks: Inhale through the mouth & distend the breath from cheek-to-cheek, then release. Doing these easy and quick movements will strengthen the cheek muscles, thus, preventing them from looking hollow. Follow this exercise regularly for plump and gifted cheeks.
  • Stretching Eyelids: Looking upwards & raising your eyebrows simultaneously! Then, closing your eyelids gently, whilst still looking-up. Doing this will keep them firm.
  • A Fish Face: Suck in the inside of your cheeks like a fish face. Hold-in for a few seconds, also, keeping your eye widely open. Once your eyes are watery, it means the time-period wherein you can hold this pose. Then you may blink & release the pose.

Just like any other physical exercise, the overall effects of ‘Facial Yoga’ can be seen on the skin only if you sincerely incorporate them in your day-to-day routine.