Tips to Transform Your Post Workout Hair Care

by Aroma Dead Sea on August 31, 2020

For all the ladies out there struggling between daily workout, sweat and hair – keep in mind, nothing can stop you, you go girl! When you are doing hard to be fit, it should be stress free and without hassle, so you definitely shouldn’t have to worry about sweating during a session. We all know that weird feeling when we go to see how we look after a great workout session: will the hair be too sweaty to wear out for the rest of the day?

Can I avoid washing my hair? The answer is a big NO! As you want to be fit, your hair also want to be healthy. You can definitely skip hair washing or can do it on alternative days. But the shampoo must be free from sulphates-parabens, works for itchy scalp (sweat can cause itching and leads to pesky flakes of dandruff), adds shine and perfectly go for hair loss.

Wash hair alternatively: The most common mistake done by women is to do wash hair after every workout session. Exercise builds up sweat and make you feel that scalp needs a good hair care shampoo session. However, you should shampoo 2-3 times a week regardless of how often you sweat. Excessive shampooing deprives the scalp of its natural oils. If you think that dry shampoo will work, please remember that dry shampoos are not a substitute for regular shampoos and you can’t condition your hair after a dry shampoo.

Nourish hair with deep moisturizing conditioner: Protecting your hair from the harmful effects of excessive shampooing, it is necessary to use a deep moisturizing conditioner on the hair. It will help to protect the hair strands from the harsh UV rays of the sun as well.

Tie your hair slightly loose: Tight hairstyles can leads to hair breakage or hair loss, giving the impression of a receding hairline over time.

Sulphate and paraben free shampoo: Shampoos contain harsh ingredients that strip away essential moisture from your hair strands. The worst offenders are sulphate and paraben. They are known irritants that are strong enough to steal a huge percentage of the hydration from your skin and hair. Using a sulfate-paraben-free shampoo helps prevent a lot of that dehydration because it contains much gentler cleansing agents.


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